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SHOW REVIEW: Sick Puppies, Wisconsin

Sick PuppiesAs I get to Summerfest Grounds in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it’s clear to see who is there for the Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary Festival and who went for the Sick Puppies show. This is the first time I have seen the trio since their new album, Connect, was released back in July, and I make my way up front to secure my spot.

It is now 9:40 pm and the lights dim and smoke machines start up right as the opening riffs of “Die to Save You” start to play. This makes a great introductory song before leading into “Survive” followed by the first single off of Connect, “There’s No Going Back.” The band makes sure to play fan favorites such as, “Odd One” and “Maybe” as well as a variety of newer material.

Remember when I said that it was evident which audience members were there for the motorcycle festival and who were there to see the Sick Puppies? Well that all goes away when Shimon “Shim” Moore (lead vocals/guitar) plays the chords of “All the Same” (which was made famous by the Free Hugs Campaign video on YouTube in 2006) and everyone joins in to sing along.

Soon after, I hear Emma Anzai (bass) play the heavy first notes that can only belong to “You’re Going Down.” While this may be many people’s favorite tune, I know this also signals the last song of the concert. Even though I’m sad that the show is over, I’m certain I got an unforgettable performance with a set list that was created with the fans in mind. Considering the energy by the end of the night, I think everyone who initially walked in for the Harley’s left with a Sick Puppies song or two stuck in their head.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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