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Mayday Parade Glamour Kills Setlist

maydayparade2013Florida rock group, Mayday Parade,has made public the setlist for their current US tour. The Glamour Kills tour began on October 11th and will run until November 30th.

Mayday Parade’s latest album,  Monsters in the Closet, was released October 8th, via Fearless Records. Monsters in the Closet was the band’s fourth studio album, following 2011’s Mayday Parade, 2009’s Anywhere But Here, and 2007’s A Lesson in Romantics.

Check out the Glamour Kills setlist after the jump. Purchase an CD or buy concert tickets here!

Jamie All Over
When You See My Friends
12 Through 15
Black Cat
Miserable At best
Without The Bitter The Sweet Isn’t As Sweet?
Last Night For A Table Of Two
Oh Well
Last Something That Meant Anything

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3 Responses to Mayday Parade Glamour Kills Setlist

  1. lignimvite says:

    Is “Lucky Twice” their nickname for their song “Without The Bitter The Sweet Isn’t As Sweet? Same thing with “New Years” standing for “Last Night For A Table Of Two”?

  2. Angela Mastrogiacomo says:

    Yes, but just to be more clear to future readers we’ve adjusted this post to reflect the names. :)

  3. KC says:

    In what order did the bands play?

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