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New Music Monday-Killing Kuddles!

I know what you’re thinking. Killing Kuddles….what am I in for? Well, the truth is I can’t really tell you. One minute we’re listening to the raspy vocals consistent with the styling’s of Rancid, and the next we’re feeling the mellow, hypnotizing sounds of a much softer tune, “Sleep”. But the thing is, it works-and I’m intrigued by what Killing Kuddles has to offer.

Self described as having a pop/folk/grunge feel, I’d say that Elwood Kuddles, the face behind this intriguing project, tends to lean more towards a punk feel, though the bits of grunge and even folk at times are evident. However one thing is for certain-Killing Kuddles has a unique, interesting sound and I’m looking forward to continuing to watch the band unfold.

Check out Killing Kuddles for yourself, including the newly released EP “Waking Up Older” (which you can name your own price on) and let us know what you think!
Takes Anymore by Killing Kuddles

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