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GUEST BLOG: woodrowgerber

552758_340811506004186_1479191840_nMusic has been my personal escape from reality since I was a little kid. My parents put me in classical guitar lessons at 6 and I haven’t stopped playing any and all genres since. I felt early on that this is what I’m meant for… making music, so when I was 17 I started getting flown out for gigs as a guitar player. Then once I hit 21 I began forming bands myself, touring, and making records with indie labels. Most of the time my lyrical content and style was spitting out the venom others had put inside me through painful experiences in my life. Songs I wrote (and still do) had frustrated undertones and were very scathing towards specific people masked in the writing. I don’t regret this music, and I will continue to make some records like this simply because it connects with those who have been in the same boat as me, and need a connection. However, in 2012 I felt I got most of my venom out and wanted to create something a little different.

In 2001 I was introduced to Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz while on the tour bus of a band called Earth Suit (now Mute Math). That was the first time I had heard the blending of several genres into one song without it sounding like a terrible arts demonstration at a community college. I kept hearing the song throughout the tour and decided then and there I would one day fuse all my personal genres together into a record… but it wasn’t time yet.

Since then I’ve been touring and making albums with and for several bands, but most notably my band The Suicide Denial and all types of musical projects under my moniker woodrowgerber (yeah all lowercase and one word lol). After we did the Vans Warped Tour in 2011 I went into the studio and put out a couple albums under some indie labels, then went into tour season with The Suicide Denial once again. This time however, we were destroyed mentally by an ex-convict posing as a promoter. No joke. The band suffered a horrible blow that completely burnt us out and pretty much ruined 2012 for us. We needed a break. Crushed, I headed back into my music where I held up for several months working on the very record I had sworn to make back in 2001. This time, due to being so beat from poisonous people and constant negativity in this business, I decided to try and stay as much away from negative writing as I could. I had too. The thought of spewing venom on my 10+year baby didn’t feel right.

It was hard at first, avoiding scathing lyrics, but I eventually found a groove and made the record I have been dreaming of making for so long. It’s not necessarily a “happy, positive” album, but it is for me. It’s my view of the world from a positive light for the most part. I think as artists our job is to reflect back into how the world works, project our loves and pains through our art, but sometimes we need to dig a little deeper and project the tiny pieces that get buried under all the poison. At least that’s how it is for me.

My new album In the Beginning is out now and being received better than anything I’ve done before. It was a long journey to get to this album, but worth every complicated twist and turn. This is one of many woodrowgerber records to come, along with upcoming scoring projects for filmmakers, and album guest spots. I’m grateful to have finally found my tiny pieces.

You can purchase a CD here!

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