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4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Hello, this is Dan lead singer of the Boston based Indie rock group Emma Ate The Lion. We are releasing our new full length album “Songs Two Count Too” on September 10th, and would love it if your site could help us in posting an announcement in your news feed, either prior to, or on the day of the release. The new record will be available digitally on our Bandcamp (link below), as well as ITunes and Spotify.

    Thank you,
    -Dan (EATL)

  2. Ben Lieber says:

    Hey guys!
    My name is Ben, I manage a Pop Punk band from Buffalo, NY called Head North.
    We are announcing a new tour today and we’re wondering if Infectious Magazine would be able to help us out by sharing the flyer.
    Let me know!
    -Ben, HN

  3. Jase says:

    Hey guys,

    Your “Find us on facebook” popup loads every time you visit a different page on your site. It’s very frustrating for visitors. You should use cookies to ensure that once someone has clicked the “X” to cancel, it no longer pops up for them. Or alternatively stop using the popup all together.

  4. Angela Mastrogiacomo says:

    Hey Jase,

    So sorry about this. Cookies are enabled, and to my knowledge this hasn’t been a problem for anyone else (it only pops up once when you first come on the page and then not again as you navigate). What browser are you using? Are you browsing in incognito mode at all? Hope we can get this fixed for you.

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